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Agriculture Quiz-35

1. In Bacteria, complete oxidation of one mole glucose releases -
a. 38 ATP                             ()
b. 36 ATP
c. 40 ATP
d. 6 ATP

2. Kinnow is basically a -
a. Tangerine
b. Citrange
c. Mandarin                         ()
d. Tangar

3. Peat soil are -
a. Acidic                              ()
b. Saline
c. Alkaline
d. Saline & Alkaline

4. Round table discussion is called -
a. Symposium
b. Forum
c. Panel                               ()
d. Work shop

5. Optimum temperature for soil micro organism is -
a. 25°C
b. 30°C
c. 35°C                                ()
d. 40°C

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6. Low of minimum was given by -
a. Shelford
b. Liebig                             ()
c. Blackmen
d. Clement

7. Horizontal plate seed metering device is used in -
a. Transplanter
b. Seed Drill
c. Seed-cum-Fertilizer drill
d. Planter                           ()

8. Working life of a tractor drawn cultivator is usually -
a. 2500 hrs                         ()
b. 5000 hrs
c. 75600 hrs
d. 1000 hrs

9. Smallest size of economical gobar gas plant is -
a. 120 Cu.Ft
b. 150 Cu.Ft
c. 30 Cu.ft
d. 70 Cu.ft                            ()

10. An  indigenous plough is -
a. A multipurpose implement
b. A primary tillage implement    ()
c. A wetland puddler
d. A secondary tillage implement

Answers:-1-a, 2-c, 3-a, 4-c, 5-c, 6-b, 7-d, 8-a, 9-d, 10-b
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