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Agriculture Quiz-45

Q.1. Horizontal flow of water channel is called
a. Filtration
b. Leaching
c. Seepage✔️
d. All of these

Q.2. Pusa Baisakhi is a variety of
a. Urd
b. Moong✔️
c. jowar
d. Pea

Q.3. The planting method which has maximum plant population
a. Hexagonal
b. Rectangular
c. cuboidal pattern✔️
d. Square pattern

Q.4. Protein content in maize  
a. 10%✔️
b. 11%
c. 12%
d. 13%

Q.5. Relative humidity is measured by
a. Barometer
b. Tensiometer
c. Psychrometer✔️
d. auxanometer

Q.6. Most active wavelength in photosynthesis    
a. 300 to 700 nm
b. 400 to 700 nm✔️
c. 500 to 700
d. All of these

Q.7. Test weight of rice grain is
a. 20 gram
b. 10 gram
c. 15 gram
d. 25 gram✔️

Q.8. Rain in Northern reason due to
a. South depression
b. Western depression✔️
c. Northern depression
d. All of these

Q.9. Highest oil percentage in which crop
a. Sesamum
b. Castor
c. Mustard
d. Sunflower
e. Coconut✔️

Q.10. Miracle rice of India is
a. Ratna
b. Jaya✔️
c. PSB 71
d. Sonalika

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