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Agriculture Quiz-40

Q.11. Biocontrol of apple scab-

a. Aethelia bombacina✔️
b. Fusarium sumbucinum
c. Pythium oligandrum
d. Pyrenophora tritici

Q.12. Repeating rust spore in wheat-

a. Pycniospores
b. Basidiospores
c. Aeciospores
d. Urediospores ✔️

Q.13. Rust of linseed and flax can be completely controlled by spray of -

a. Borax✔️
b. Agrosan GN
c. Dithane M 45
d. Vitavax

Q.14. Early blight of potato is --- disease-

a. Soil borne✔️
b. Air borne
c. Seed borne
d.     All of these

Q.15. Group “Fungi imperfecti”  was created by-

a. L.R. Tulsame
b. C. Tulsame
c. Fuckel✔️
d. De Bary

Q.16. Heterogamous planogametic type of sexual reproduction is observed under -

a. Chytridiales
b. Blastocladiales
c. Monoblepharidales✔️
d. All

Q.17. White blisters of crucifers' is caused by pathogen-

a. Albugo candida✔️
b. Sclerospora sorghi
c. Pythium debaryanum
d. Plasmopora viticola

Q.18. Infection of smut of maize (Ustilago maydis) occurs during-

a. After flowering
b. Before flowering
c. Vegetative stage
d. Reproductive stage✔️

Q.19.Sandal spike disease of Sandal (Santalum album) is caused by-

a. Mycoplasma
b. Bacteria
C.    Virus
D.    Fungi✔️

Q.20. “Seletca fungonum carpologia”  published by L.R. Tulsame gane the basic idea of-

a. Dimoophism is fungi
b. Ploymosphism in fungi
c. Reproduction in fungi
d. All✔️

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