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Agriculture Quiz-42

Q.1. Reclamation disease due to deficiency of
a. Fe
b. Zn
c. Cu✔️
d. B

Q.2. C:N ratio of organic matter is
a. 10:2
b. 10:3
c. 10:1✔️
d. 10:4

Q.3. Maximum biurate content in urea is
a. 2.5%
b. 2.0%
c. 1.5%✔️
d. 1.0%

Q.4. Legumes are deficient which amino acid
a. Methionine✔️
b. Lysine
c. Luesine
d. Both

Q.5. Lunishree is variety of
a. Hybrid wheat
b. Hybrid rice
c. Super wheat
d. Super rice✔️

Q.6. Dropsy disease in human caused by
a. Argemone maxicana✔️
b. Convolvulus arvensis
c. Corchorus spp.
d. None

Q.7. Botanical name of Six rowed Barley is  
a. Hordeum vulgare✔️
b. Hordeum distichon
c. Hordeum arvensis
d. None

Q.8. First hybrid developed by india is
a. Maize
b. Sorghum
c. Groundnut
d. Pearl millet✔️

Q.9. Wheat variety which resistant to all rust
a. Sonora 64
b. Choti lerma✔️
c. Sonalika
d. All of these

Q.10. Vernalization is given by
a. Went
b. Watson
c. Lysenko✔️
d. Darwin 

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