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Agriculture Quiz-36

Q.1. Species concept of fungi is based on

a.    Morphology
b.   Host specialization
c.    Morphology and physiology
d.    All

Q.2. Nonmotile spores are characteristics of

a.    Zygomycetes
b.    Chytridiomycetes
c.    Lnfyxomycetes
d.    Oomycetes

Q.3. First quarantine regulation in India

a.    1910
b.    1883
c.    1914
d.    1920

Q.4. Finger and toe disease caused by

a.    Plasmodiophora
b.    Spongospora
c.    Blastocldiella
d.    Saprolegnia

Q.5. Pink mold is called as

a.    Allomyces
b.    Blastocladiales
c.    Neurospora
d.    Sclerospora

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Q.6. Heterokaryosis is brought about by

a.    Mutation
b.    Anastomosis
c.    Karyogamy between dissimilar nuclei
d.   All

Q.7. Peacefull coexitance shown by

a.    Necrotroph
b.   Biotroph
c.    Hemibiotroph
d.    Perthotroph

Q.8. Chitin is the polymer of__________

a.    Nacetyl glucosamine
b.    N acetyl muramic acid
c.    Beta pyanoyl acteate
d.   Both a and b

Q.9. Mode of action of benzimidazole

a.    Beta tubulins
b.    Rna inhibition
c.    Chitin synthesis
d.    DNA synthesis

Q.10.   T-toxin affects

a.    Mitochondria
b.    Chloroplast
c.    Golgi body
d.   Nucleic acid

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