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Agriculture Quiz-41

Q.1. UG-99 a virulent race of  
a. Stem rust ✔️
b. Yellow rust
c. Brown rust
d. White rust

Q.2. First plant pathogenic Fungi sequenced was?
a. Magnoporthe oryzae✔️
b. Cercospora
c. Puccinia
d. Ustilago

Q.3. Which one is synthesized de-novo in plants after infection?
a. Phytoanticipins
b. Pathogenesis related proteins
c. Phytoalexins ✔️
d. Phytoaggressins

Q.4. Which spore is on a club and results from the fusion of two nuclei from different strains of the same fungi?
a. Ascospore
b. Basidiospore
c. Blastospore
d. Zygospore ✔️

Q.5. Apothecia  is found in
a. Pezziza ✔️
b. Ustilago
c. Rhizopus stolonifer
d. Mucur mucedo

Q.6. Deuteromycetes are called imperfect fungi because-
a. The sexual cycle has not been observed ✔️
b. Nothing about them indicates their relation to other fungi
c. They do not produce mycelia
d. They have no asexual reproduction

Q.7. Most ectomycorrhizae are-
a. Ascomycetes
b. Deuteromycetes
c. Zygomycetes ✔️
d. Basidiomycetes

Q.8. Fungi reproduce sexually with-
a. Swimming gametes
b. Nuclear exchange ✔️
c. Non-flagellate gametes
d. Parthenogenesis

Q.9. Parasexuality occurs-
a. Within heterokaryotic hyphae✔️
b. Between dikaryotic hyphae
c. Between homokaryotic hyphae
d. Between heterokaryotic hyphae

Q.10. Basidiospores are borne on the ends of-
a. Primary mycelia
b. Basidiocarps
c. Trichogynes
d. Sterigmata ✔️

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