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Agriculture Quiz-43

Q.1 First National Research Centre for
a. Onion
b. Groundnut✔️
c. Wheat
d. Maize  

Q.2. Father of Golden revolution in India
a. MS Swaminathan
b. Varghese Kurian
c. Dr. k. L. Chadda✔️
d. Amrita Patel

Q.3. First transgenic crop was
a. Bt tomato
b. Bt brinjal
c. Bt tobacco✔️
d. Bt cotton

Q.4. Cracks on skin due to deficiency of
a. Vitamin A
b. vitamin B2✔️
c. vitamin B5
d. vitamin B12

Q.5. Which hormone prevents fruit dropping
a. NAA
b. IBA
c. IAA
d. Both a & c✔️

Q.6. World forest day
a. 20 March
b. 30 March
c. 21 March✔️
d. 15 March

Q.7. National food security mission launched
a. 2005
b. 2006
c. 2008
d. 2007✔️

Q.8. Protection of plant varieties and farmers right established in
a. December 2005
b. December 2006
c. November 2005✔️
d. November 2006

Q.9. Plant grow without soil
a. Aeroponics
b. Hydroponics✔️
c. Eugenics
d. Synthetics

Q.10. Greenhouse gas is
a. Methane
b. CFC
c. N2O
d. CO2
e. All of these✔️

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