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Agriculture Quiz-19

1. Size of Thompson seedless grape increased by -
a. GA3                                     
b. Auxin
c. Ethylene
d. None of these

2. Light reaction also known as -
a. Calcium cycle
b. hill Reaction                         
c. Crab cycle
d. None of these

3. Father of weed science -
a. Jethro Tull
b. J.V. leibeg
c. Jay Laurence
d. None of these

4. Agro climatic zones in U.P. is -
a. 10
b. 12
c. 9
d. 7

5. According to ICAR Agro ecological zone are divided into
a. 18 zone
b. 12 zone
c. 20 zone
d. 15 zone

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6. Lowest layer of Atmosphere is -
a. Stratosphere
b. Troposphere
c. Thermosphere
d. None of these

7. Day land agriculture is -
a. humid condition
b. Semi humid
c. Rainfed condition                   
d. Arid Condition

8. Annual Rainfall in rain-fed farming -
a. 1000 mm
b. 1150 mm                               
c. 1250 mm
d. 900 mm

9. Stony or Rocky soils are found in class -
a. III
b. IV
c. VI
d. V

10. Vertical mulching is practiced in -
a. Coffee garden                        
b. Tea Garden
c. Grape Garden
d. None of these

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