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Agriculture Quiz-21

1:-which one is best crop for silage making?
(d)pigeon pea

2:-temperature of artificial vagina is-

3:-the world’s first in world in vitro fertilized buffalo calf is-

4:-chi- square test first used by-
(a)F.A. Fisher
(b)W.S. Gosset
(c)Karl Pearson
(d)T. Adam

5:-protein which can’t be digested-

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6:-group of sheep known as-

7:-buffalo breed zaffrabadi belongs to-
(b)Aandhra Pradesh

8:-trade name of 2,4-d is-

9:-in the scheme “mera gaon mera gaurav” how many scientist involved?

10:-canker nodules are found mostly in-
(a)red soil
(b)black sol
(c)alluvial soil
(d)none of them

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