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Agriculture Quiz-22

1. The soil has highest water use efficiency -
a. Sandy Soil
b. Loamy Soil
c. Clay Soil                             
d. Alluvial Soil

2. Saffron is largely produced in -
a. J & K                                   
b. Assam
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Himachal Pradesh

3. Mycorrhiza is associated in the plant -
a. Root                                  
b. Leaves
c. Stem
d. Fruit

4. Magnesium is a constituent of -
a. Cell wall
b. Chlorophyll                    
c. Enzyme System
d. Nucleic Acid

5. In apple dwarfing, root stock is good for -
a. Scab resistance
b. Fruit Color
c. High density planting        
d. Low chilling

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6. June drop in apple is mainly due to -
a. Lack of pollination
b. Moisture Stress                  
c. Alternate bearing
d. Ca Deficiency

7. Spongy tissue of mango is a -
a. Bacterial
b. Fungal
c. Viral
d. Physiological disorder             

8. Pine apple originated in -
a. Brazil                               
b. India
c. New Zealand
d. China

9. Growth regulator CCC is used in grapes for -
a. Increase T.S.S.
b. Increase vegetable growth
c. Increasing fruitfulness                        
d. None of these

10. Stooling method of propagation is generally used in -
a. Grape
b. Guava                              
c. Apple
d. Walnut

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