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Agriculture Quiz-23

1:-which one is correct regarding to seed?
(a)seed is a living organ
(b)seed is a mature integumented megasporangium
(c)seed is a mature ovule
(d)all of the above

2:-which one is necessary for seed germination?
(d)genetic makeup

3:-weight of 100 seed known as-
(a)seed index
(b)test weight

4:-foundation seed has--------colour tag.

5:-which hormone is used for breaking seed dormancy?
(b)ascorbic acid

6:-certified seed come from-
(a)breeder seed
(b)foundation seed
(c)registered seed
(d)none of the above

7:-national seed act passed at-

8:-dockage is-
(a)genetically enhanced seeds
(b)impurity percentage in seeds
(c)infected seeds by fungi
(d)bt crops seeds

9:-which one seed has hydrogen cyanide traces?
(a)apple seed
(b)papaya seed
(c)guava seed
(d)avocado seed

10:-The bat is traditionally made from----------wood.
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