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Agriculture Quiz-27

1. Sulphur Fungicides can be freely used on all vegetables except the -
a. Okara
b. Cucurbits                                 
c. Root Vegetable
d. Spinach

2. Zinc is required for synthesis of -
a. Tryptophane                            
b. Sugars
c. Fat
d. Proteins

3. Cryopreservation is done in liquid N2 at a temperature of -
a. 196°C
b. -196°C                                    
c. 200°C
d. O°C

4. Crossing over during meiosis results in -
a. Breaking linkage                    
b. Promoting linkage
c. Help mutation
d. None of these

5. Growth of plants towards lights is -
a. Phototropism                         
b. Photoperiodism
c. Photorespiration
d. Photochromatic

6. The Net gain of A.T.P. during glycolysis is -
a. 6
b. 4
c. 2                                            
d. 8

7. Oleoresin is an important product of -
a. Tomato
b. Chilli                                    
c. Garlic
d. Onion

8. Phosphorous in plants is absorbed as -
a. H2PO4                                 
b. Po4
c. SS.P
d. H2P5

9. C4 plant is -
a. Rice
b. Barley
c. Wheat
d. Maize                                  

10. Triticum aestivum is a -
a. Diploid
b. Tetraploid
c. Hexaploid                             
d. None of these
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