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Agriculture Quiz-31

1. Kniffin System of training is used in -
a. Grapes                             
b. Mango
c. Litchi
d. Papaya

2. Broccoli is a -
a. Cole Crop                         
b. Fruit Crop
c. Legume Crop
d. Root Crop

3. Pride of India is the variety of -
a. Radish
b. Turnip
c. Cabbage                           
d. Cauliflower

4. Whiptail is a physiological disorder -
a. Turnip
b. Cabbage
c. Cauliflower                      
d. Potato

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5. Pusa Mukta variety of cabbage is resistance to -
a. Blackrot                           
b. Cabbage caterpillar
c. Virus
d. Batting

6. Antioxidant properties in human body is -
a. Proteins
b. Vitamin-C                        
c. Fat
d. Carbohydrates

7. Pusa Narangi is a variety of -
a. Jasmine
b. Marigold
c. Sweetline

8. Root Knot of vegetables is caused by -
a. Bacteria
b. Nematodes                     
c. Fungus
d. None

9. Pusa yamdagni is a variety of -
a. Carrot                            
b. Bringoal
c. Tomato
d. Turnip

10. Sweet Potato is a primarily crop of -
a. Arid region
b. Temperate                         
c. Tropical
d. None
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