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Agriculture Quiz-32

1. Dwarfing gene is wheat is -
a. Nif-gene
b. Dee-gee-woo gen
c. Norin                               
d. Mon

2. Which element is most is most mobile in soil -
a. N                                     
b. Ca
c. K
d. Mg

3. Progeny of breeder seed is called -
a. True seed
b. Certified seed
c. Nucleus seed
d. Foundation seed               

4. Critical Stage of irrigation for wheat -
a. Rice-tillering
b. C.R.I                               
c. Flowering
d. Jointing

5. Largest Rabi maize producing state -
a. Bihar                                 
b. Haryana
c. Uttarakhand
d. U.P.

6. The eyes of potato are useful for-
a. Nutrition
b. Respiration
c. Vegetative Propagation
d. Protection from predators

7. Tuber Crop rich in -
a. Starch                             
b. Vitamins
c. Carbohydrate
d. Mineral

8. Leafless variety of pea is -
a. Aparana                         
b. L-116
c. T-163
d. Bonneville

9. S.R.I Technique of Paddy has been evolved at -
a. Japan
b. Korea
c. Madagascar                     
d. China

10. National Agriculture Insurance scheme started in -
a. 1998
b. 1999                               
c. 2007
d. 1997
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