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Agriculture Quiz-47

Q.1. SSP in Sulphur is
a  14%
b. 16% 
c. 13%
d. 12%☑️

Q.2. Root promoting hormone
a. IAA
b. IBA☑️
c. NAA
d. All of these

Q.3. Photoperiodism is given by
a. Went
b. Donald
c. Blackman
d. Garner and Allard☑️

Q.4. Striga is a
a. Total stem parasite
b. semi stem parasite
c. semi root parasite☑️
d. total root parasite

Q.5. Origin place of sugarcane
a. Central asia
b. America
c. China
d. new gunea☑️

Q.5. First Indian high yielding semi dwarf variety of rice
a. Ratna
b. Jaya☑️
c. Jagannath
d. None

Q.6. Composite varieties of maize is  
a. Vikram
b. Kisan       
c. Vijay
d. All of these☑️

Q.7. Sunhemp belongs to family
a. solanaceae
b. Graminae
c. Compositae
d. Leguminacae☑️

Q.8. Crop which has highest potassium consumption is tomato rice weight
a. Tomato
b. Potato☑️
c. Rice
d. Wheat

Q.9. Protogny condition are found in
a. Maize
b. Sunflower
c. Pearl millet☑️
d. Sesamum

Q.10. Critical stage for irrigation in maize at  
a. Milking
b. Pegging
c. Jointing
d. Both of these☑️
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