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Agriculture Quiz-12

1:-Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association between-
(1)Fungus and higher plant
(2) virus and higher plant
(3) both
(4)none of these
2:-carbon content in organic matter is-
(1) 58%

3:-Die-back of shoot occur due to-
(4)none of these

4:-Lunishree is a variety of-
(1) hybrid wheat
(2) super rice
(3) breeder suger cane
(4) mutant rice

5:-sulphar contents in SSP is-

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6:-Depth of sowing of soyabean seed in centimetre is-

7:-Biofertilizer more suited for sugarcane is-

8:-explosive fertilizer is-
(1)Ammonium Nitrate
(2)Ammonium Sulphate 
(3)zink sulphate
(4)none of these

9:-micro nutrient deficient in Indian soil is-
(3) Zn

10:-Dormancy breaking hormone is-

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