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Agriculture Quiz-13

1. Moisture Content in cerals for storage -
a. 10-12%                                   
b. 12-14%
c. 8-10%
d. 15%

2. Verticle mulch is used in soil -
a. Aluvial soil
b. Black cotton soil                          
c. Red soil
d. letterite soil

3. C:N ratio of Organic matter is -
a. 10:1                                             
b. 12:2
c. 8:1
d. None of these

4. Flower and Fruit setting harmone -
a. IBA
b. IAA
c. NAA                                           
d. ABA

5. Root promoting harmone is -
a. IBA                                            
b. Gibberalline
c. Cytokynine
d. Auyin

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6. Maximum biurate content of urea is -
a. 1%
b. 2%
c. 1.5%                                         
d. 2.5%

7. First Product of urea is -
a. Ammonium Carbonate           
b. Annydrus Ammonia
c. Ammonium Sulphate
d. None of these

8. Yellow Colour of tea leaves is clue to deficiency of -
a. Cu
b. Zn
c. Sulphar                                  
d. Mg

9. Edible part of sweet potato is -
a. Prop root
b. Adventitiuous root
c. Taproot
d. None of these

10. Cropping intensity of Uttar Pradesh is -
a. 136%
b. 157%                                      
c. 189%
d. 145%

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