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Agriculture Quiz-14

1. Jute cultivation in India is concentrated in the delta area of which of the following rivers?
a. Ganga                                        
b. Mahanadi
c. Brahamputra
d. Godavari

2. Evapo-transpiration measured by -
a. Lysimeter                                
b. Pychnometer
c. Tensiometer
d. Kesco-graph

3. Latterite soil are found in -
a. M.P.
b. Gujarat
c. Assam
d. Karnatak                         

4. Post harvest losses of cereals-
a. 10%                                        
b. 12%
c. 14%
d. 8%

5. For seed purpose carrot is grown as -
a. Annual
b. Perrineal
c. biennial                                  
d. None of these

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6. Which irrigation method is best for saline soil -
a. Sprinkler method
b. Drip Method                          
c. Flooding Method
d. None of these

7. Family of Jute is -
a. Pedaliauae
b. Malvauae
c. Tilliauae                       
d. Ceasal pinauae

8. Origin of maize is -
a. Maxico (America)       
b. Africa
c. Brazil
d. China

9. Indian Journal of Agriculture Science is published by -
a. ICAR                                    
d. U.P.

10. Crop is suitable for having ph 4-6   -
a. Rice
b. Potato
c. Both                                   
d. None of these

The variety of coffee largely grown in India is -
a. Old Chicks
b. Coorgs
c. Arabica
d. Kents
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