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Agriculture Quiz-18

1. Plants capable of growing in rock crevices are called -
a. Lithophytes                         
b. Glycophytes
c. Chasmophytes
d. Halophytes

2. CO2 content of soil air is -
a. 0.3%                                    
b. 0.03%
c. 21%
d. 4%

3. Apple is Red color due to -
a. Anthocyanin                         
b. Carotene
c. Xanthophyll
d. Lycopene

4. Economic part of isabgol is -
a. Leaf
b. Seed
c. Husk
d. Seed and Husk                    

5. Which is non-climatic fruit -
a. Banana
b. Chilli
c. Apple                                  
d. Sapota

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6. Narim-dwarf gene was introduced in -
a. Rice
b. Wheat                                
c. Oat
d. Maize

7. Saffron are the part of -
a. Leaves
b. Petal
c. Sepal
d. Style and Stigma

8. Specific heat of water is -
a. 0.5 Kcl/gm
b. 1 Cal/gm                       
c, 2 Cal/gm     
d. 5 Cal/gm

9. Karnal bunt caused by -
a. Albugo Candida
b. Phytophthora infestans
c. Nevosia Indica                       
d. None of these

10. Non edible plant suitable for biodiesel -
a. Castor
b. Rapeseed
c. Coconut
d. Jatropha                                

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