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51-important one liner from SEED SCIENCE

  1. Wheat and Rice are self pollinated
  2. Maize is cross pollinated crop and pearl millet
  3. All India Seed Producer Association is established in the year
  4. National seed act passed in
  5. National seed corporation is established in 1963.
  6. UP seed and Tarai Developmet Corporation established in the year of
  7. Tarai seeds Development Corporation established in
  8. In the year of 1957 ICAR lauched a project (all India coordinated maize improvement projects) with the help of Rocke Feller
  9. Scarification and stratification process to induced seed
  10. Triers are used for seed
  11. For break the dormancy of seeds used gibberellic acid 50 to 1000 PPM  KNO3 0.2 person Thiourea 0.2 to
  12. Gibberellic acid KNO3 and Thiourea are the growth
  13. EMC equimillion moisture
  14. Retting is a method of seed
  15. TL means- truthful
  16. UPSSCA- Uttar Pradesh state seed Corporation
  17. CVRE- Central variety release
  18. CSTL- Central seed testing
  19. PPV & FR act :- protection of plant variety & farmers right
  20. MAIZE is cultivated over an area  about 130 million hectare with a production about 480 million tons of grain in the
  21. Origin place of maize Central America and
  22. The major Maize growing countries are USA, Brazil, Argentina, China, Mexico,
  23. The average yield per hectare USA ranks first with 6865 kg per
  24. In India 6 million hectare is under Maize crop and leading state or Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and
  25. The most suitable temperature for seed germination is 21 °C and power plant go 32 °C.
  26. Maize is basically wind pollinated
  27. For lab test the weight of working sample in rice is 40
  28. For hybrid seed production in pearl millet use of A B and R lines is
  29. Tetrazolium salt is used for seed viability
  30. The isolation distance between seed in rice is 3
  31. The CSTL (central seed testing laboratory) is situated in BHU Varanasi.
  32. The headquarter of I SST is situated at New
  33. First hybrid of sorghum was released in
  34. DVS development of varietal
  35. IMS CS Indian minimum seed certification
  36. GOT grow out
  37. SFCI: state farm Corporation of
  38. GATT general argument traffic and trade establishment 1 June 1995 at WTO World Trade Organisation
  39. UPSDC is established during
  40. BP- sample is drawn with the help of germination
  41. NSC- National seed Corporation
  42. NSDP- National seed development
  43. NSP- National seed
  44. NSSl- National seed storage
  45. NG- Norbic Gene
  46. ISST- Indian Society of seed
  47. UTV- International Union for the protection of plant
  48. UPS- in TDS Uttar Pradesh seed and Tarai Development Corporation.
  49. SRT- seed review
  50. SSC- state seed
  51. SSCA- state seed certification
notes contributed by:
Rajnesh Kumar(Research scholar in Plant Breeding) & Alok kumar (Research scholor in Seed science)
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