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Crucial topics for AFO mains (IBPS SO)

Agricultural engineering/tools- questions about machinery, their work powers & capability etc.

Animal nutrition- vitamin, mineral deficiency in animal & their digestive system etc.

Banking- questions related to NABARD & RBI, agriculture related schemes etc.

Dairy technology- ‘animals’, their variety, male female names, milk compositions & production etc.

Economics- data related to crop, animal production & farmer’s income, rankings etc.

Entomology- insects, pests’ management their classification, morphology etc.

Extension- government schemes, extension mediums & ICT etc.

Fisheries- questions about freshwater species, breeding & preservation techniques etc.

Forestry- questions like forest area, density & institutes etc.

Horticulture- varieties, related diseases & fruit production etc.

Irrigation- dam, river, canal’s situation & ‘irrigation’ area its types, requirement for various crops etc.

Plant breeding- new developed varieties & organization related to them etc.

Plant pathology- questions related to fungus, bacteria & treatments etc.

Soil- texture, type, availability & chemistry related questions etc.

Information related to pesticides, fertilizers, agricultural institutes, crop physiology, ecological & agro-climatic zones, crop showing etc.

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