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Agriculture Quiz-29

1. Biurate content in urea is -
a. 1.5%                                      
b. 2%
c. 3%
d. 1%

2. Country having maximum area of hybrid rice is -
a. China                            
b. Russia
c. Indonesia
d. India

3. Maximum productivity of Sugarcane in India -
a. Punjab
b. West Bengal
c. Keral
d. Tamil Nadu                         

4. Transgenic crop having max cultivated area in the world -
a. Ric
b. Cotton
c. Soybean                             
d. Wheat

5. Vertisol is related to -
a. Red soil
b. Black soil                           
c. Alluvial soil
d. Laterite soil

6. ANOVA was defined by -
a. A.L. Bowley
b. Horace Secrist
c. R.A. Fisher                          
d. Karl Pearson

7.Which of the following crops would be preferred for sowing in order to enrich the soil with nitrogen?

8. The Crop having the highest pesticide use is -
a. Vegetable
b. Cotton                                  
c. Oilseed
d. Potato

9. Tomato seed rate for Nursery -
a. 400 gm/ha.
b. 1.5 kg/ha.
c. 2 kg/ha.
d. 1000 gm/ha.

10. The Crop was also known as white gold -
a. Opium
b. Saffron
c. Garlic
d. Cotton      
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