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Agriculture Quiz-30

1. Aflatoxin contamination generally found in -
a. Chick pea
b. Groundnut                           
c. Soybean
d. Pea

2. First maize hybrid in India was -
a. Vikram
b. Kisan
c. Vijay
d. Ganga-1                               

3. Plants adapted to Saline soils are called -
a. Halophyte
b. Chasmophytes
c. Lithophytes
d. None of these

4. Triticale is a cross between -
a. Wheat X Rye                        
b. Wheat X Barley
c. Barley X Oat
d. Wheat X Oat

5. Alluvial soil are found in -
a. Forest
b. Deserts
c. Mountains
d. River data

6. Ratooning is done in the Crop -
a. Rice
b. Potato
c. Tobacco
d. Sugarcane                             

7. Maize belongs the category -
a. Dioecious
b. Monoecious                          
c. Bisexual
d. None of these

8. Origin place of Soybean is -
a. China                                    
b. Peru
c. South East India
d. America

9. Most suited N Fertilizer for tea is -
a. Urea                                     
b. Calcium Nitrate
c. Ammonium Chloride
d. Ammonium Sulphate         

10. Photo-periodically rice is a -
a. Short Day Plant                  
b. Long Day Plant
c. Day Neutral Plant
d. None of these
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