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Agriculture Quiz-36

Q.1. Species concept of fungi is based on-
a.    Morphology
b.   Host specialization
c.    Morphology and physiology
d.    All

Q.2. Nonmotile spores are characteristics of-
a.    Zygomycetes
b.    Chytridiomycetes
c.    Lnfyxomycetes
d.    Oomycetes

Q.3. First quarantine regulation in India-
a.    1910
b.    1883
c.    1914
d.    1920

Q.4. Finger and toe disease caused by-
a.    Plasmodiophora
b.    Spongospora
c.    Blastocldiella
d.    Saprolegnia

Q.5. Pink mold is called as-
a.    Allomyces
b.    Blastocladiales
c.    Neurospora
d.    Sclerospora

Q.6. Heterokaryosis is brought about by-
a.    Mutation
b.    Anastomosis
c.    Karyogamy between dissimilar nuclei
d.   All

Q.7. Peacefull coexitance shown by-
a.    Necrotroph
b.   Biotroph
c.    Hemibiotroph
d.    Perthotroph

Q.8. Chitin is the polymer of__________
a.    Nacetyl glucosamine
b.    N acetyl muramic acid
c.    Beta pyanoyl acteate
d.   Both a and b

Q.9. Mode of action of benzimidazole-
a.    Beta tubulins
b.    Rna inhibition
c.    Chitin synthesis
d.    DNA synthesis

Q.10.   T-toxin affects-
a.    Mitochondria
b.    Chloroplast
c.    Golgi body
d.    Nucleic acid
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