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For AFO exam 2018 (Day-4) Important points regarding agriculture

Important points regarding agriculture (Day-4)
1. A DigiGaon initiative will be launched at the end of  2017-18 with high speed broadband     connectivity in more than 150000 Gram Panchayat to provide telemedicine, education and skill           through digital

2. Trade infrastructure for export scheme (TIES) will be launched in 2017- 18 and focus on export

3. Basic customs duty on LPG  reduced from 5% to

4. Maximum amount of cash donation by political party can receive Rs2000 from one person

5. The production of foodgrains in 2016- 17 is about 273.39 million

6. Haldhar organic farmer award 2016 goes to Smt k. Lavanya Ramana

7. Third IARI established in

8. Second IARI to be set up - Ranchi.  New IRRI set up in NSRTC in

9. Banganapalle mango popular variety got GI tag by Andhra

10. Country which has first ornamental Park at

11. Firstly GM cotton is commercially cultivated only but GM mustard can also commercially              cultivated in India approved by

12. GM mustard variety hybrid DMH-11 and its parent (Varuna × EH-2)

13. In ATP the number of high energy bond -

14. Pressure tester is used –

15. Molya disease of wheat is caused by - Heterodera

16. Polyploidy in plant is induced through

17. Quickest method of plant breeding is - mutation

18. Mastitis is infection of -

19.  Milk fever occur due to - deficiency of

20. Removal of diseased plant or affected organ from field is known –

21. Advanced farming -Enriched farming scheme aim to double the income of farmers by increasing the output and cutting the cost of
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