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Agriculture Quiz-15

1. Pusa giant is the variety of -
a. Bersum
b. Napier grass
c. both (A and B)                      
d. Rice

2. AIRCP was started by which crop -
a. Maize                                    
b. Rice
c. Wheat
d. None of these

3. Highest Kt up take by -
a. Potato                                    
b. Mustered
c. Paddy
d. Pea

4. Agro climatic regional planning in India in planning year -
a. 6th year
b. 7th year
c. 8th year
d. 5th year

5. Largest Producer of coffee in the country -
a. Karnataka                            
b. Maharastra
c. Assam
d. Tamilnadu

6. Ratoon Crops is aduisable only -
a. Once time                          
b. Two time
c. More than two time
d. None of these

7.For which of the following is black soil not very suitable?
a. Cotton
b. Wheat
c. Ground nut
d. Potato

8.Under which plan did the Government introduce an agricultural strategy which gave rise to Green Revolution?
a. Third Five-Year Plan (FYP)
b. Fourth FYP
c. Fifth FYP
d. Second FYP

9.Which one of the following is known as a pseudocereal?
a. Wheat
b. Quinoa
c. Horse gram
d. Barley

10. Maize leaf red and purple color due to deficiency of -
a. P                                          
b. Mg
c. N
d. K
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