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Agriculture Quiz-16

1:-Which agricultural commodity must be imported to the continental United States?
(a) rice
(b) wheat
(c) sugar
(d) coffee

2:-What fuel can be produced by fermenting sugar cane, sawdust, corn, or wood chips?
(a) peat
(b) alcohol
(c) ether
(d) hydrogen

3:-Sugar can be commercially extracted from two different plants. One is sugar cane. The other is the sugar ...

4:-A Indian farmer produces most of what his family needs. This kind of farming is called ...
(a) marginal
(b) corporate
(c) cooperative
(d) subsistence

5:-If they were all planted at the same time, which garden product would be first to ripen?
(a) corn
(b) chilies
(c) radishes
(d) pumpkins

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6:-What is the collective name for the fruit of such cereal grasses as sorghum, millet, rye, barley, oats, wheat, and rice?

7:-Which is not a forage crop?
(a) corn
(b) clover
(c) potato
(d) alfalfa

8:-A mixture of sand and clay that also contains humus is called ...
(a) loam
(b) caliche
(c) parent matter
(d) residual soil

9:-What is the name for the soil conservation technique by which farmers plow sideways across hillsides instead of up and down the slopes?
(a)crop rotation
(c)keyline design
(d)contour plowing

10:-What three letters are the chemical symbols of the primary nutritional elements in a complete fertilizer?

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