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Agriculture Quiz-24

1. Pratibha is the variety of -
a. Cumin
b. Fennel
c. Turmeric                                
d. Giger

2. Which state have lowest forest area -
a. Haryana                               
b. Sikkim
c. Goa
d. Keral

3. Right to Information act started by ICAR in -
a. 2004
b. 2005                                      
c. 2006
d. 2007

4. Kharif crop is -
a. Cotton
b. Soybean
c. Both (a &b)                           
d. Sugarcane

5. Chromosome no. of rice is -
a. 14
b. 24                                         
c. 42
d. 44

6. Average temperature for rice cultivation -
a. 20°C
b. 24°C
c. 28°C
d. 15°C

7. N:P:K requirement in legumes is generally -
a. 1:2:2                                       
b. 2:1:1
c. 4:2:1
d. 3:1:0

8. Respiration in plants is essentially a process related to -
a. Transpiration
b. Evaporation
c. Oxidation                                
d. None of these

9. Linkage between genes affects-
a. Independent Assortment         
b. Vernalization
c. Fertilization
d. Anaphase

10. Temperate countries generally Sugar is obtained from -
a. Wheat
b. Sugarcane
c. Maple
d. Sugarbeet                                 
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