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Agriculture Quiz-25

1:-biochemicals which affect other plants activity known as-   
(a)bio inhibitors
(b)allelo chemicals

2:-White rust is an important fungal disease of -

3:-Triticum aestivum, the common bread wheat is -
(d) Hexaploid

4:-HD 2967 is the new high yielding variety of -

5:-chemical release by rye plant to suppress other plants activities-

6:-legumes save up to --% of recommended nitrogen application to the associated cereals.

7:-plant's defence against herbivory also known as-
(a)positive allelopathy
(b)negative allelopathy
(d)ecological amplitude

8:-”growing 2 or more crop simultaneously & second crop is planted after the first crop has reached its reproductive stage” is example of-
(a)alley cropping
(b)strip cropping
(c)ratoon cropping
(d)relay cropping

9:-which one is correct regarding to crop rotation ?
(a)tap root crops with fibrous root crop
(b)legumes after non legumes
(c)exhausting crop after less exhausting crop
(d)all above

10:-interaction between intercrops known as-
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