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Agriculture Quiz-26

1:-”hug the tree movement” also known as-
(a)appiko movement
(b)jungle bachao movement
(c)bishnoi movement
(d)chipko movement

2:-crop residues are beneficial because it-
(1)reducing the need for fertiliser inputs
(2)increases the SOM
(3)reducing the pests
(4)increases porosity
Which one is correct according to above statement?

3:-What important mineral is found in all foods in the Dairy Group?
(a) Vitamin C

4:-how much depth of tillage work necessary for deep rooted crop?
(a)25-30 cm
(b)15-20 cm
(c)2 m
(d)30-60 cm

5:- What is a soil horizon?
(a) A factor influencing how soil is formed
(b) A layer of soil
(c) An organism found within the soil
(d) A technique used to map soils

6:-What is an ideal ph level for outdoor gardens?

7:-which operation is considered as secondary tillage?
(c)deep tillage
(d)seedbed preparation

8:-motives of cropping system are-
Which one is correct for above statement?

9:-mattock is used for-
(a)digging & lifting
(b)digging & chopping
(c)breaking & lifting
(d)flatting & bedding

10:-chisel plough mostly set to run up to a depth of -
(a)8-12 inch
(b)3-8 inch
(c)15-20 inch
(d)30-60 inch
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