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Agriculture Quiz-39

1. Cricket ball is the variety of -
a. Sapota                                
b. Litchi
c. Logout
d. Avocado

2. Origin of guava is -
a. Brazil
b. China
c. India
d. Tropical America              

3. Little leaf of brinjal is caused by -
a. Viruses
b. Bacteria
c. Mycoplasma                      
d. None of these

4. Thrips are major insects of the vegetable -
a. Tomato
b. Cabbage
c. Garlic                                 
d. Onion
5. Umran is high yielding variety of -
a. Ber                                      
b. Guava
c. Date palm
d. Grape

6. Seed Germination is enhanced by -
a. G.A.                                  
b. NAA
c. IBA
d. IAA

7. Bunchy top banana mainly transmitted by -
a. Fungus
b. Virus
c. Aphid                                 
d. Bacteria

8. Sweetest sugar in fruit is -
a. Sucrose
b. Fructose                            
c. Galactose
d. Maltose

9. Yellow leaf is a serious disease of -
a. Arecanut                           
b. Coconut
c. Cashew
d. Date palm

10. Sulfur containing amino acid -
a. Methionine
b. Glycine
c. Lysine
d. Glutamine

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