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Agriculture Quiz-41

Q.1. UG-99 a virulent race of  
a. Stem rust
b. Yellow rust
c. Brown rust
d. White rust

Q.2. First plant pathogenic Fungi sequenced was?
a. Magnoporthe oryzae
b. Cercospora
c. Puccinia
d. Ustilago

Q.3. Which one is synthesized de-novo in plants after infection?
a. Phytoanticipins
b. Pathogenesis related proteins
c. Phytoalexins
d. Phytoaggressins

Q.4. Which spore is on a club and results from the fusion of two nuclei from different strains of the same fungi?
a. Ascospore
b. Basidiospore
c. Blastospore
d. Zygospore

Q.5. Apothecia  is found in
a. Pezziza
b. Ustilago
c. Rhizopus stolonifer
d. Mucur mucedo

Q.6. Deuteromycetes are called imperfect fungi because-
a. The sexual cycle has not been observed
b. Nothing about them indicates their relation to other fungi
c. They do not produce mycelia
d. They have no asexual reproduction

Q.7. Most ectomycorrhizae are-
a. Ascomycetes
b. Deuteromycetes
c. Zygomycetes
d. Basidiomycetes

Q.8. Fungi reproduce sexually with-
a. Swimming gametes
b. Nuclear exchange
c. Non-flagellate gametes
d. Parthenogenesis

Q.9. Parasexuality occurs-
a. Within heterokaryotic hyphae
b. Between dikaryotic hyphae
c. Between homokaryotic hyphae
d. Between heterokaryotic hyphae

Q.10. Basidiospores are borne on the ends of-
a. Primary mycelia
b. Basidiocarps
c. Trichogynes
d. Sterigmata

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