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Agriculture Quiz-44

Q.1. Pomology is a
a. Latin
b. Greek
c. French        
d. Both a & b✔️

Q.2. In vitro means
a. Within the living cell✔️
b. In the glass tube
c. Both
d. None

Q.3. Cultivation of rice
a. 4000 BC✔️
b. 1400 BC
c. 6000 BC
d. 2000 BC

Q.4. Famine in Bengal caused by
a. Phytophthora infestans
b. Alternaria solani
c. Helminthosporium oryzae✔️
d. All of these

Q.5. High yielding variety programme started in
a. 1966✔️
b. 1965
c. 1968
d. 1964

Q.6. Lab to land programme initiated in the year
a. 8 January 1979
b. 1st June 1979✔️
c. 1st August 1979
d. 1st July 1982

Q.7. Kisan credit card scheme initiated in the year
a. 1998 - 20
b. 1998 - 99✔️
c. 1996 - 21
d. None

Q.8. ICAR was set up in
a. 16 July 1929✔️
b. 15 July 1929
c. 14 July 1930
d. 14 July 1931

Q.9. Gas used in fire extinguisher
a. H2O2
b. CH4
c. CO2✔️
d. None of these

10. Accumulation of nutrient in the water is known as
a. BOD
b. Puetrification
c. Eutrophication✔️
d. None of these

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