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Agriculture Quiz-43

Q.1 First National Research Centre for
a. Onion
b. Groundnut
c. Wheat
d. Maize  

Q.2. Father of Golden revolution in India
a. MS Swaminathan
b. Varghese Kurian
c. Dr. k. L. Chadda
d. Amrita Patel

Q.3. First transgenic crop was
a. Bt tomato
b. Bt brinjal
c. Bt tobacco
d. Bt cotton

Q.4. Cracks on skin due to deficiency of
a. Vitamin A
b. vitamin B2
c. vitamin B5
d. vitamin B12

Q.5. Which hormone prevents fruit dropping
a. NAA
b. IBA
c. IAA
d. Both a & c

Q.6. World forest day
a. 20 March
b. 30 March
c. 21 March
d. 15 March

Q.7. National food security mission launched
a. 2005
b. 2006
c. 2008
d. 2007

Q.8. Protection of plant varieties and farmers right established in
a. December 2005
b. December 2006
c. November 2005
d. November 2006

Q.9. Plant grow without soil
a. Aeroponics
b. Hydroponics
c. Eugenics
d. Synthetics

Q.10. Greenhouse gas is
a. Methane
b. CFC
c. N2O
d. CO2
e. All of these

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