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Agriculture Quiz-42

Q.1. Reclamation disease due to deficiency of
a. Fe
b. Zn
c. Cu
d. B

Q.2. C:N ratio of organic matter is
a. 10:2
b. 10:3
c. 10:1
d. 10:4

Q.3. Maximum biurate content in urea is
a. 2.5%
b. 2.0%
c. 1.5%
d. 1.0%

Q.4. Legumes are deficient which amino acid
a. Methionine
b. Lysine
c. Luesine
d. Both

Q.5. Lunishree is variety of
a. Hybrid wheat
b. Hybrid rice
c. Super wheat
d. Super rice

Q.6. Dropsy disease in human caused by
a. Argemone maxicana
b. Convolvulus arvensis
c. Corchorus spp.
d. None

Q.7. Botanical name of Six rowed Barley is  
a. Hordeum vulgare
b. Hordeum distichon
c. Hordeum arvensis
d. None

Q.8. India is the first country to develop and use of  hybrid 
a. Maize
b. Sorghum
c. Groundnut
d. Pearl millet

Q.9. Wheat variety which resistant to all rust
a. Sonora 64
b. Choti lerma
c. Sonalika
d. All of these

Q.10. Vernalization is given by
a. Went
b. Watson
c. Lysenko
d. Darwin 

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