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Agriculture Quiz-47

Q.1. SSP in Sulphur is
a  14%
b. 16% 
c. 13%
d. 12%

Q.2. Root promoting hormone
a. IAA
b. IBA
c. NAA
d. All of these

Q.3. Photoperiodism is given by
a. Went
b. Donald
c. Blackman
d. Garner and Allard

Q.4. Striga is a
a. Total stem parasite
b. semi stem parasite
c. semi root parasite
d. total root parasite

Q.5. Origin place of sugarcane
a. Central asia
b. America
c. China
d. new gunea

Q.5. First Indian high yielding semi dwarf variety of rice
a. Ratna
b. Jaya
c. Jagannath
d. None

Q.6. Composite varieties of maize is  
a. Vikram
b. Kisan       
c. Vijay
d. All of these

Q.7. Sunhemp belongs to family
a. solanaceae
b. Graminae
c. Compositae
d. Leguminacae

Q.8. Crop which has highest potassium consumption is tomato rice weight
a. Tomato
b. Potato
c. Rice
d. Wheat

Q.9. Protogny condition are found in
a. Maize
b. Sunflower
c. Pearl millet
d. Sesamum

Q.10. Critical stage for irrigation in maize at  selling dazzling 
a. Milking
b. Silking
c. Jointing
d. both of these

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